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The following are actual letters or e-mails sent to the College, or to College staff, by students, alumni or parents. We always receive these with pride.

Thank you to the contributors. We are pleased to know that things went well for you.


Testimonial: Samir Douaui


Hi Everybody,

I've just sent this email to give a special thanks to all the link teachers and business advisors who have been there for us every single day helping us. If it wasn't for them we wouldn't have gone to the finals in Leeds. It has been a pleasure working with everybody. It has been the best experience of my life. I hope I'll see you all in College in September - that's if I make it back in.

Thank You xxxx

- Samir Douaui

Testimonial: Sarah & Students


I would like to thank you for all your help!

Thank you for giving up your time & for being an inspiration to be a person who always gives.

Thanks to all your hard work we have got you a gift I hope you will love.

With lots of love & encouragement,

- Sarah & College Students.

Testimonial: Shamay Scheff



I am grateful. You have been exceptionally attentive to the particular needs I had as a student. In fact, you are one of few people that can appreciate this long academic journey, as I moved up the ladder through the college’s system.

When I first begun at Level 1, I lacked the standard qualifications most students would have. Today, I have the opportunity to go to Nottingham University in September 2012, and this achievement only reflects the tremendous collaborative work the college has done.

Amongst other fellow students, I am now proud and ready to represent Gibraltar abroad both academically and socially. I hope the solid foundation planted in the college, will be the basis for further success in the future.

- Shamay Scheff

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